International Conference on 
Bilevel Optimization

August 8-11, 2023
Southampton, United Kingdom
University of Southampton

Highfield Campus,

Southampton SO17 1BJ

United Kingdom

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Bringing together researchers and practitioners in bilevel optimization
to present their latest results and discuss the next challenges

Bilevel optimization is one of the fastest growing areas of mathematical optimization and operations research more broadly. Recent innovations in the field have come through the search for better insights into the problem and the need for efficient algorithms to solve real-world application problems that are being discovered at a very fast pace, including around big topics of our time such as Artificial Intelligence, Energy, and Climate Change. This conference will be a forum to discuss recent advances in all aspects of bilevel optimization and connected areas such as mathematical programs with equilibrium or  complementarity constraints, optimization problems  under uncertainty, minmax optimization, semi-infinite optimization, Stackelberg games, and the more general hierarchical optimization problems. 

During the conference, we will also be celebrating the career of Stephan Dempe for the tremendous contribution that has made to the field over the last 30 years.



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