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Call for abstracts

Abstracts are invited for talks and posters on any theoretical, numerical, or application topic related to bilevel optimization, including, but not limited to the following: 

  • Optimistic bilevel optimization;

  • Pessimistic bilevel optimization;

  • Hierarchical optimization;

  • Stackelberg games;

  • Minmax optimization;

  • Mathematical programs with equilibrium or complementarity constraints;

  • Semi-infinite programming;

  • Optimization under uncertainty;

  • Applications of bilevel optimization.

We offer three options for a submission to present at the conference:

  1. Contributed talks and posters: Submissions for contributed talks and posters will both open on the 3rd of April 2023.

  2. Organizing an invited session: If you would like to organize a single invited session, a suitable session title, a chairperson (different from the involved speakers), and at least three talks (i.e., titles of the talks and names of the speakers) must be submitted via the email address Speakers have to submit their abstracts in the way pointed out below.

  3. Organizing a stream of multiple sessions: If you would like to organize a stream of multiple sessions, please provide a title to your stream, then collect the titles and speakers of all talks. Make sure that the talks in your stream are grouped in sessions of three to four talks each, name a chairperson for each session (different from the involved speakers), and send all this information to the email address All involved speakers have to submit their abstracts in the way pointed out below.

Each abstract for a contributed/invited or a poster presentation should be submitted in LaTeX (TeX- and PDF-file) and should not exceed 1500 characters while being free of references. All submissions should be done by the 28th of May 2023. The precise way of how abstracts should be submitted will be published soon.

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